9 Quick Videos on Why Choose Steve McClinton!

Why would I want to be on the council?

As a proud resident of Hoover for 22 years, I want to take a greater role in leading this wonderful community for the next four years.  My wife and I have raised our three children here, and they have received a terrific education within Hoover City Schools.  I firmly believe that an excellent school system, a strong public safety sector, and a business climate favorable to both small and large businesses will attract and retain families and businesses.  I love my city, and I want to help bridge these sectors together for the good of all citizens.  I enjoy working with people and listening to ideas and opinions, and I would greatly appreciate your support.  Please join me as we seek to lead our community together.

Hoover is an amazing city full of diverse citizens - I want to join all voices and ideas together and help bridge Hoover to the future that we all so desperately want and deserve.